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All the knowledge you need to avoid Identity Theft is on this site. Preparing yourself with knowledge gives you the best chance to keep your identity for the person who needs it most… YOU

Identity theft is scary! Let’s admit it. I don’t ever want my identity stolen. I’m sure you don’t either. That is the reason I put this site together.

I wanted there to be a place where anyone and everyone could have all the resources at hand to avoid becoming a victim. There are many companies in business providing protection services at a reasonable monthly price. I will do my best to show you the benefits and drawbacks of these services.

Before buying any of these services, do your homework! In this day and age, these relatively inexpensive services are virtually mandatory. However, you can definitely add value by choosing the right service for your particular situation.

Unfortunately, identity theft stings thousands and thousands of people each year. For those unlucky many, I have laid out everything needed to reclaim your life. It’s all in one place, so you can spend your time actually fixing the problem instead of chasing down these elusive materials!

I urge anyone using the site to send in ideas for new sections or topics. This is not a “set it and forget it” site. I want to constantly improve and update the site. With your ideas and input, I can continually provide the information that users actually want and need!

Enjoy the site and remember, I really do appreciate getting all types of feedback regarding the information here or things you would like to see in the future.

Define Phishing: A Good First Step
You need to define phishing to get a good grasp of this scam. Then, you can look at typical scams to get a better idea of what to look out for. Phishing scams are out to get you, stay safe and away!

The Dangers of Social Networking Sites
The dangers of social networking sites are very real and there is no reason to be extra vigilant when on these sites. Crooks look at these sites as a gold mine and you need to protect yourself.

Methods of Identity Theft Protection
Identity theft protection tips. Protect yourself from losing massive amounts of time and money. Always use common sense and think before you divulge personal information.

Identity Theft: Essential Tips and Information
Identity theft affects millions of people in the US every year and understanding how it can happen to you and tips to prevent identity theft is imperative to keeping your identity your own!

Identity Theft Stories to Learn From
By reading these identity theft stories and learning how people became victims is the best way to avoid the same fate.

Preventing Identity Theft
These pages on preventing identity theft contain many useful tips that will help everyone stay safe. A good knowledge base is key to prevent identity theft from hurting you.

Criminal Identity Theft
Going through the criminal identity theft process and showing some of the more common ways people are having their identities stolen, especially on the computer.

How to Stop Identity Theft
These resources for how to stop identity theft explain the recovery process and show how to put an end to identity theft as painlessly as possible.

Identity Theft Statistics Can Help Prevention
Identity theft statistics show every aspect of this crime. These statistics can be used to find out which types of identity theft are most prevalent and what to focus on for prevention.

Identity Theft Facts
Identity theft facts are important because they can give everyone a great understanding of how this crime is committed and what the criminals do with the identities once they have them.

Identity Theft Prevention
Identity theft prevention isn’t easy. You need to learn as much about identity theft and the different scams that are out there to stay safe.

Identity Theft Punishment
Identity theft punishment was non-existent until 1998. Since then, there have been 3 major sets of laws that make sure identity thieves will be put away for a long time once caught.

Identity Thieves Are Always Looking For Targets
Because identity thieves are always looking for targets, you need to protect your social security number and other personal information to stay safe! Also, follow these other tips!

Privacy Policy
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Submit Your Identity Theft Story
If you have been a victim, please submit your identity theft story. Your story will help everyone out there to avoid the same fate. Others will be grateful.