Identity Theft Stories

By reading these identity theft stories and learning how people became victims is the best way to avoid the same fate. These stories will provide examples of how and why people were taken advantage of. In many instances, the victim knew the thief before the crime occurred. In other random cases, the best protection is knowledge and using common sense.

These identity theft articles show examples of how thieves get a hold of an identity and what they’ve done with it. The links on this page go to resources on the web that have nearly unlimited cases of identity theft.

Some articles concerning identity theft show that in a surprisingly high number of cases, the victim actually knew the perpetrator.

Click here to read about three stories about identity theft that happen very frequently. Phishing is the most popular way to steal an identity online. Traditional theft is how most identity thieves acquire the personal information required to actually take over an identity.

Unfortunately, identity theft horror stories are the stories that we hear about most often. The worst type of identity theft is when a child is involved. How hard would it be as an 18 year old to find out your credit and identity had been misused for years and you couldn’t get a job or a credit card?

For more information on the ways your identity could be stolen, check out these identity theft scenarios. The common ways hackers steal identities online are listed here. Some identity theft stories where email theft, phishing, and spoofing were used.

These ID theft cases highlight the fact that identity theft could happen to anyone. However, if you stay vigilant, you can stop the theft from becoming a huge headache. These cases highlight the best prevention technique: using common sense.

Here are two cases of identity fraud that each started because of a simple theft. Acting swiftly in the case of your purse or wallet being stolen is key and can eliminate much of the potential losses.

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